While everyone seems to be at a loss at what to do since Netflix and other mass media outlets are quickly proving to be insufficient, finding a creative outlet for yourself can become lifesaving. 

To fight off the feeling of pure boredom, we recommend a creative hobby or vice to project all that pent up energy that comes with this quarantine. Even for non-creatives, this time of stillness allows all of us a chance to tap into that creative side that we all have.

With everything going on in the world today, there is plenty that must be on your mind. Take this chance to express your voice about anything that you can possibly think of. Got a passion? Tell the world about it. Got an opinion? Spread your voice and get it heard. Podcasts are a great medium to say what you’ve wanted to say and begin a conversation.

If podcasts aren’t your thing blogs are another way to communicate your opinions and anything else you want to talk about. Tell the world about your passions or inspire that passion in others. All you need is a device and the internet to start your own blog. There are also free programs like WordPress and templates to help you along the way.

You don’t need all that fancy equipment nowadays to have a successful YouTube channel. As long as you have a phone, free editing software app, internet, and an idea for video content, you’re good to go.

Have a passion for music? Try your hand at that instrument you haven’t touched in years or make that first step in chasing a career in music. Take this chance away from work to learn something new. There are apps like Yousician and Youtube that can help you learn music at your own pace and become that musician you always knew you were.

Cooking and baking are great mediums to release the stress that can come from being cooped up at home all day. Take this time to make something delicious and challenge yourself. Find a recipe and test your culinary skill and share it with those around you.

Just as blogs and podcasts give you an opportunity to share your thoughts with the world, don’t forget to share your word with yourself. If telling the world your mind doesn’t appeal to you, we encourage you to start a personal journal. You can write about what you’re grateful for, what’s been bothering you, ideas, anything you can possibly think of, write it down. Writing down your thoughts and feelings can be extremely therapeutic. 

Graphic design is a productive and creative way to kill time during this quarantine. Adobe is currently giving students free memberships for their programs and if you’re not a student there’s always a free trial. Graphic design is also a valuable skill to learn to bring value to yourself in our age of mass digital media. 

Web design is another way to be creatively productive. If you have your own business or if you want to add value to yourself and expand your set of skills, then we encourage you to pick up web design. There are multiple programs like MasterClass and Youtube that can help you learn what you need to know and take your business or employer’s business to the next level.

For the more traditionally creative artists, paint and watercolor are fun, different mediums that can challenge your skills while expanding your own art style. Even if you can’t get out to your local art store, there are digital programs that also offer plenty of art mediums for you to play around with. 

Since we’re all pretty much stuck within our homes now it can be hard to find things that we need around the house. Our circumstance is challenging us to get creative and we challenge you to try and make that item yourself. DIY projects are both useful and fun as you can create something entirely by yourself and for yourself. Scrapbook your memories or take those little random items around your house and make something incredible. 

Each of these outlets provides a huge opportunity to vent your frustrations. They become chances to let out all that energy that gets pent up from this social distancing taking place. Even in your solidarity, you can create something that is uniquely yours and equally fulfilling. By committing yourself to one of these outlets you can begin to express yourself in ways you never have and you may even find more about yourself as you begin the creative process.

As we go through these chaotic times together, I challenge you all to create something, anything. Take the first step of the creative process and begin that self-reflective journey to create something unique to you. Don’t let this time we have away from work and school become wasted time. Instead, use this time productively and come out of this quarantine with something you can call your own and show off to the world. 

Written by: Lucas S.

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