3 ways to overcome loneliness

We’ve all felt lonely at some point in our lives, the feeling of being alone in the world wanting more connection. As depressing as it sounds, loneliness can be liberating. In a period of loneliness, we are given the chance to focus on ourselves and be selfish when we’re usually constantly trying to accommodate others. Loneliness gives us an opportunity to self reflect and begin to understand the roots of the problems that plague our lives. 

Ironically, as we practice the social distancing of this pandemic, many of us will begin to deal with missing our friends and family that we are not able to see as often. This loneliness that we feel from being away from these people should be focused on becoming a better person and building a more positive mindset. 

The loneliness that comes with no longer having the privilege of seeing our loved ones should be a lesson that teaches us to appreciate the small things, and the little moments that we have taken for granted. If this loneliness we all feel together can teach us one thing, it should teach us to be more appreciative of the life we were given and the people that surround us. 

Positivity in the time of loneliness can be a saving light as hope for better days fill our minds. However, we challenge you to make today a better day, to take initiative in a rebellion against this pandemic. By taking control of our own lives and taking the power away from our circumstances, we become powerful and continue to grow in times of isolation. Let this time of isolation be an opportunity for you to become more connected to yourself. We have the chance to enjoy our own company and become more in tune with ourselves without having to worry about others. 



Write a journal or make a voice memo of what you enjoy doing. Fall back in time and remind yourself what the child you wanted to be right now at this age.


Connecting with your soul is good too, but make sure to connect with your body. Do something that your body enjoys doing — yoga, stretch, jog, or maybe an intense workout. 


Don’t forget to connect with your loved ones. Facetime them, text them, email them, or call them. Utilize our technology.

3 ways to overcome loneliness

Written by Lucas S.

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