3 Ways to practice happiness

Happiness begins with perspective. Everyone has heard of the rich/poor happiness concept where the richest people can be unhappy while the poorest people can be the happiest. This comparison shows the importance of mindset, perspective on our mental health, and perception of happiness. 

Many times happiness coincides with contentment, contentment with what is going on with your life at that point in time. Perspective precedes perception and perception of life precedes the experience of life. How we view the things going on around us is essential to how we experience them. 

Life and happiness aren’t about what you have since nowadays it has become apparent that materialistic wealth does not equal happiness. Happiness is about the opportunity and chance to experience life positively. If your perspective of life remains positive you can continually see the bright side to life and all of its occurrences. Thus, happiness isn’t about what you have, rather it’s about how you experience it.

If you begin your day in a positive mindset and set off with the determination to not let the small things ruin your mood, you can see that the day as a whole becomes happier. We can begin to appreciate the small moments of life instead of overlooking it. Our experience of life becomes a bit more positive, and in turn, it becomes a bit happier.

In the end, happiness relies on our perception of our experiences which similarly relies on our perspective of the world around us. Perspective is the foundation of happiness, and to attain happiness, don’t chase materialistic vices rather chase yourself and your passions and your relationships to find happiness in those small things that are truly matter.



It doesn’t have to be long. Start with 2-3 bullet points a day.


Laughing is the greatest pain reliever without a prescription. Jot down what made you laugh that day. Again, it doesn’t have to be a paragraph. It could be one small thing.


It’s okay to feel discouraged. Acknowledge your feelings, take note of why you feel the way you do, take a step back and take a deep breath. Remind yourself that your feelings aren’t facts. Look up at the sky and tell yourself two happy thoughts. Repeat.

Written by Lucas S.

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