While considering each sign’s strengths and challenges, we curated what colors will compliment and support you while encouraging more ease and balance on your journey. Try incorporating more of these colors into your life based on your sign.

a red-orange aura for aries zodiac sign

✨The combination of red-orange for an Aries promotes this fiery sign’s sizzling personality. Complimenting their limitless zest for life. Orange is a close relative to red but brings a gentler, easy pill to swallow vibe. While commanding attention just the same, Orange brings never-ending fun, confidence and creativity.

a green aura for taurus zodiac sign

✨Fresh green brings a constant breath of fresh air to the earth sign Taurus. Green creates balance by prioritizing comfort and pleasure over all else while still keeping your ambition alive towards achieving that good life. Green not only promotes the Taurean’s perseverance, it compliments it. Green will bring you endless reserves of tenacity, resilience, and patience but still keeping you connected to nature and growth.

a yellow-light green aura for gemini zodiac sign

✨Gemini’s can soak up the sun through the all inspiring color: yellow. Yellow lifts this air sign’s spirit, freeing their expressiveness while evoking curiosity, promoting brilliant thoughts and enhancing your mental powers and focus. Light green gives you life by feeding and connecting your soul to nature giving you a nice complimenting balance.

a silver aura for cancer zodiac sign

✨Ruled by the moon, silver is Cancer’s power color. This color illuminates your dreams and guides your path in a fluid ebb and flow approach which highly compliments this water sign. Silver connects you to your intuition and heightens your senses and understanding bringing in an allowance for love to flow at its deepest level.

a yellow-orange-magenta aura for leo zodiac sign

✨You have enough light in you to shine and warm up the world like the sun. Yellow-orange compliments you courageous leadership qualities while magenta keeps your generosity in check. This combination of colors will give you strength in your heart, mind, and soul. Magenta reminds you to balance your natural Leo fire and powerful force with compassion, generosity, and love.

an earthy green-pink aura for virgo zodiac sign

✨Earthy green supports your need for stability but still challenges you to grow. Green promotes balance for the hardworking, detail-oriented, and critical Virgo. Pink helps you to be gentler and kinder to yourself, embracing all imperfections. This combination of colors will bring you comfort in times of solitude promoting quiet time to reflect and absorb the answers you need.

a pink-blue aura for libra zodiac sign

✨Pink-blue is a breath of fresh air. Bringing you a feeling of refreshed energy. These colors help to open your heart and soften your presence, bringing in a calming and likeable presence. Symbolizing a cool, subtle breeze, light blue increases clarity and balance, while pink invokes a sweet and loving nature. These colors create soft, subtle balance promoting unconditional acceptance which allows you to love or let go of aspects of yourself that you are growing from or towards.

a dark violet-red aura for scorpio zodiac sign

✨Dark violet-red compliments Scorpio’s mysteriously intense nature. Keeping you inquisitive and focused on your next transformation. The darkness of these colors represents the depths where the Scorpion resides, and strengthens your drive to look below the surface and question everything. These colors represent the ability to end a cycle and experience rebirth, supporting this sign’s lifelong mission is to rebuild itself over and over again, thriving towards the most eccentric soul ever.

a violet-indigo aura for sagittarius zodiac sign

✨Violet-indigo promotes enlightenment through new ideas, people, and experiences. These highly spiritual colors heighten awareness and stimulates the Sagittarius’ philosophical mind toward enlightenment, openness and expansiveness. These colors attract abundance and naturally compliments your ruling planet of Jupiter’s natural luck, fame and fortune.

a deep red-violet aura for capricorn zodiac sign

✨Deep red-violet fulfill Capricorn’s need to find the strongest and most practical path to take in life while still leaving room for magic to happen. Deep red matching your dedication and violet brings you flexibility and openness to step outside the box. These strong colors support your solidity and traditionalism but will help keep things eccentric and exciting for you.

a blue-turquoise aura for aquarius zodiac sign

✨Blue-turquoise brings a supportive aspect to Aquarius’ expansive ideas while still balancing your restless energy. These colors represent the vastness of the oceans and the skies giving this air sign a nice flow of ideas, creation, and experimentation. These colors bring inspiring, healing, and idealistic energies and will help you envision the future you’re creating for yourself.

a teal green-violet for pisces zodiac sign

✨Teal green-violet helps bring all Pisces karma into present time and assists in ending those cycles. These colors promote healing and renewal by connecting you to your subconscious. Instilling renewal and rejuvenation with the teal green but at the same time, captivating your interest with the dreamy, mystical violet, the color combination will tap into your deep soul and stimulate your strong connection to the spiritual world.

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