A vision board is a tool to help clarify, manifest, and maintain focus on specific life goals. It’s a visual representation of images that represent whatever you want to be, do, feel, or have in your life. It uses the law of attraction to turn what once seemed like an “ideal life” to become your reality. When you continue to give your attention to the things you want with a clear visualization of them, your brain sends signals to the rest of your body to to complete the action. We’re also wired for repetition, so placing your vision board in a spot you see every day, you train your mind, body, and spirit, to truly manifest the things you want.

vision board supplies


The materials you’ll need to create a vision board include:

  • Something to attach images to, such as a blank notebook, poster board, cork board, etc.
  • Something to affix the images such a glue, clips, or pins
  • Magazines/books that can be cut up
  • Color printer for printing images found online
  • Colored paper or embellishments to add personal touches
  • Scissors


Think about your ideal life and what that looks like. What is the environment like? What do you look like? How are you feeling? Start making a list of goals you want to reach, places you want to go, and motivational affirmations that represent how you want to feel. Reflect on all areas of your life including your career, relationships, mindset, family, finance, education, health, and personal growth. Write it all down.

Here’s a list of possible questions to ask yourself when making your list:

  • In what ways do you want to develop your career? Do you want to start a business? Get a promotion? Switch career fields? Go back to school?
  • How can you modify to improve your relationships with the people you surround yourself with? Are you looking for love? Do you want to break free of a toxic relationship? Do you wish to take your current relationship to the next level?
  • Are there any negative thinking habits you want to overcome? Do you have self-doubt? Are you insecure, jealous, or envious about someone or something? Do you have fear, shame, or guilt stuck inside of you?
  • Are you looking to make amends with family members? Do you want to grow your family? Do you want to do more of something to strengthen your relationships?
  • What are some financial goals you wish to meet? Do you want to reach financial freedom by paying off your debts? Create a passive income for yourself? Save more? Make X amount of money?
  • Do you want to advance in your education? Like go back to school? Learn something new? Broaden your skill sets?
  • What are some changes you can make to promote a healthier lifestyle? Eat cleaner? Exercise more? Invest in your mental health?
  • Is there something you wanted to do but were afraid to try? What do you most enjoy doing? What are some activities you can incorporate into your self-care routine?

***When answering these questions, it’s important to remember to get super specific in the end goal. You’ll want to be extremely clear when displaying the things you want.


Cut out photos from magazines, books, and online that speak to you and represent each of your intentions that you just listed out. Find images and words that resonate most with your goals. If you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, get creative and make your own image or even just write it down on colorful paper.


Make a collage out of the photos you compiled and attach it to your board. You can keep it super simple with a few strong images or cover every square inch of your board. There’s really no rules to building your board. Allow yourself to relax and let it flow.


Find the perfect location in your home or office for your board where you’ll see it all the time. Make sure you’re constantly aware of these images and putting in the work to reach these goals. As you come up with new intentions, feel free to add to your board as needed. Your vision board should be a flexible and fluid representation of your desires as they shift throughout your journey.

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