Miss Mantra

Miss Mantra is the official representation of The Mantra Co. She is a true Libra, balanced as ever, whose purpose is to guide and empower people to live a more positive life. Miss Mantra writes monthly horoscope readings, curates motivational affirmations, answers to her advice column, and leads self-development workshops and classes to her 950K online community.

Miss Mantra started The Mantra Co. with the intention to create a safe community for people to get the help they’re looking for without the things traditional therapy often comes with: outrageous bills, self-consciousness, and medication.

She may not be your traditional astrologer, but she is damn good at deciphering and communicating astrology in a way that’s understandable and relatable. And her ability to simultaneously be authentic, witty, and empathetic allows her to create content that deeply resonates with her community like no other.


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