A Valentine’s day Mantra Love Gram for each Zodiac sign.

aries i love you because

ARIES I love you because…

+ You’re completely honest
+ You’re protective over those you love
+ You take the lead & make decisions
+ You know how to make the first move
+ You’re always down for anything
+ You fight for what you believe in

taurus i love you because

TAURUS I love you because …

+ You give the best hugs
+ You’re a playful child at heart
+ You give the best advice
+ You are so patient
+ You’re confident in your decisions
+ You give me freedom to be myself

gemini i love you because

GEMINI I love you because …

+ You’re a mixture between sweet & crazy
+ You’re a sweet talker
+ You never stay mad for long
+ You’re full of surprises
+ You’re a master at persuasion
+ You’re never boring. Life’s an adventure with you.

cancer i love you because

CANCER I love you because …

+ You’re cute when you sleep
+ You have the kindest heart
+ You’re always the first to say “sorry”
+ You have a nurturing nature and always take care of me
+ You give people the benefit of the doubt
+ You’re so loyal and make me feel so secure

leo i love you because

LEO I love you because …

+ You always make me feel like I’m worth so much
+ You push me to be my best
+ You’re not afraid of anything
+ You give the best gifts
+ You are so passionate in everything you do
+ You remind me to be present

virgo i love you because

VIRGO I love you because …

+ You make me laugh until I cry
+ You always tell it how it is
+ You remember the little things
+ You believe in me more than anyone
+ You keep everything together
+ You never run out of things to talk about

libra i love you because

LIBRA I love you because …

+ You know you’re worth
+ You don’t judge, you listen
+ You give the best compliments
+ You try to be fair all around
+ You have a huge and honest heart
+ You always text me back

scorpio i love you because

SCORPIO I love you because …

+ You’re so mysterious and unlike anyone I’ve ever met
+ You always keep your word
+ You put others before yourself
+ You’re always trying to better yourseflf
+ You know exactly what I need before I even do
+ You rock my world

sagittarius i love you because

SAGITTARIUS I love you because …

+ You make me feel like I can trust you with anyone
+ You’re cute when you’re pissed
+ You’re able to see the good in every situation
+ You aren’t easily influenced by others
+ You’re always up for an adventure
+ You have a charming sense of humor

capricorn i love you because

CAPRICORN I love you because …

+ You inspire me to be better
+ You know what you want and determined to get it
+ You believe in endless possibilities
+ You make friends everywhere you go
+ You give me a lot of attention
+ You make everyone around you feel so special

aquarius i love you because

AQUARIUS I love you because …

+ You’re funny and quirky
+ Your laugh is contagious
+ You’re so carefree and remind me to let go
+ You never cease to surprise me
+ You’re my best friend
+ You are so selfless and always thinking of others

pisces i love you because

PISCES I love you because …

+ You actually care to listen
+ You always forgive
+ You’re the best cuddle buddy
+ You open my mind to things I’ve never dreamed of
+ You go with the flow
+ You make me feel appreciated in everything I do

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